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Visits and activities

The visit to the Museum at the Ben-Gurion House

Ben-Gurion House invites visitors to experience a personal and unmediated meeting with Ben-Gurion's memory ,his way of life and activities.

This visit is recommended for all children and adults, personal visits and organized tours. Organized tours receive instruction by the staff of the house while private visits are aided by written explanations in different languages. All visitors enjoy an audio-visual display and a film portraying the life of Ben-Gurion.

The exhibits at the house include documentary-historical (photographs and documents) material. The purpose of the exhibit is to focus the visitor on the various subjects in the house and to highlight the personal and public aspects of David Ben- Gurion.

The visit to the museum at the Ben-Gurion House achieves the following:

a. It allows one to know David Ben-Gurion as a leader, and recognize his place and role at the central decision junctions in the history of the State of Israel.

b. It presents the main chapters in the history of Zionism deriving from Ben-Gurion's legacy such as the establishment of the State of Israel.

c. It offers one the chance to experience and enjoy meeting the "private" figure of David Ben-Gurion as it is revealed in his home.

Educational Activities

The visit is recommended for pupils and is tailored to their age levels.

Teachers visiting the house with their pupils, are exposed to the various possibilities of integrating the Ben-Gurion House experience into formal and informal study curriculum. Guidance at the Ben-Gurion House is provided by the instruction staff on site.

Seminars, Workshops and various activities for pupils, youth and soldiers are held at the House by the staff.

Hillel Cohen’s House

In 1981, the State of Israel placed at the disposal of the Ben-Gurion House, the neighboring house which belonged to Hillel Cohen, in accordance with his request.

The house maintains a permanent exhibition about David Ben-Gurion and his legacy and holds seminars, study groups on numerous social and political issues.