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The Layout of the House

The Ground Floor

The Living Room

On June 1931, Paula, David Ben-Gurion and their children – Geula, Amos and Renana moved into the house, which became their permanent home until Paula and David Ben-Gurion settled in Sde-Boker in 1953. Later on, it served as their permanent home, alternately with the Prime Minister's official residence in Jerusalem and their 'tsriff' in Sde-Boker, until Paula's death in 1968 and David Ben-Gurion's death in 1973. In addition to it being their private home, the house served for Ben-Gurion's political, Public and social activities. In this house he used to receive colleagues, public figures and state official guests. Monthly meetings of "The Bible Research Society" were held in this house.

Renana's Room

This room served as Ben-Gurion's bedroom and shelter in October 1956, During the Sinai Campaign.

From his sick-bed in this room he kept in contact with General Headquarters and received reports on the operations during the first days of the Sinai Campaign.

Today, this room houses mementos and various documents referring to the activities of David Ben-Gurion as prime minister and defense minister.

Paula's Room

Where, following doctors' orders, Ben-Gurion spent his last days before being hospitalized at the Sheba Medical Centre.

The kitchen

This is the room where Ben-Gurion had his meals.

Once a day he would eat Paula's special dish - the "kooch-mooch", which was made out of yogurt, apple sauce and raspberry sauce. Paula served it to David every day. Although he didn't care much for its taste, he obediently consumed it for his health.

The Second Floor

The second floor served Ben-Gurion only. It includes one bedroom and four library rooms, the first of which was used as his study.

A direct telephone line from this room connected him with the Ministry of Defense at Hakirya, Tel-Aviv.

Here he used to work, write letters and his diary, and receive guests and friends. Consultations involving many participants were held in the second room, near the round table.

On 13.5.1948 – the eve of the Declaration of Independence - a small committee representatives of Minhelet Ha'am (People's Administration) gatherd in the house to draft the final version of the Declaration of Independence.

On 14.5.1948, the day of the establishment of the state of Israel, Paula and David Ben-Gurion left this house en route to the old Tel-Aviv museum for the ceremony in which Ben-Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the state of Israel and read the Declaration of Independence.

The Library

Ben-Gurion's Tel-Aviv library comprises some 20,000 books and periodicals and covers Ben-Gurion's spheres of interest in the following fields: the history of the State of Israel, the history of ancient peoples, books on philosophy, classical literature, general and military history, various cultures and religions.

Among the books in the library: protocols of the Zionist movements, government and Knesset publications, the Bible in various languages, ancient and recent editions, books on bible research, various philosophical essays in both original texts and translations, and research books on the various religions in the world: ancient Greek culture, the Hellenistic culture, Buddhism and Islam.

There are also in the library books and periodicals in different languages: Hebrew, English, French, German, Russian, Latin, ancient Greek, Spanish, Turkish and more.

A special place, next to Ben-Gurion's desk, is dedicated to books in memory of fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Force.