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David Ben-Gurion

David Ben-Gurion

1886 - Born in Plonsk, Poland on October 16.

1906 -  Immigration to Eretz-lsrael.

1914 - Expelled from the country together with Ben-Zvi.

1915 - Goes to the USA, and sets up the “Hechalutz” Movement.

1917 - Marries Paula Munweis. Founds the Jewish Battallion in the USA, and joins its ranks.

Founds “Achdut Ha’avoda” with somefriends.

1921 -  Appointed first Secretary of the Histadrut.

1933 - Elected as Chairman of the Jewish Agency.

1938 - Appears before the “Peel Commission” and claims a Jewish State in Erefz-lsrael.

1942 - Ben-Gurion announces the struggle for the Jewish State.

1945 - Visits survivors’ camps in Europe.

1947 - The U.N. Resolution on the establishment of a Jewish State.Outbreak of battles.

1948 - Declaration of Independence. The War of Independence.Establishment of the Israel DefenceForces. Ben-Gurion,

Prime Minister and Ministerof Defence.

1949 - Ben-Gurion decides about the transfer of Government institutions to Jerusalem, as Capital of Israel.

1951 Visits the USA, announces the establishment of the Bonds Organization.

Meets Truman and leaders of the American administration.

1953 - Resigns from the Government and retires to Sde-Boker.

1955 - Returns to the Government as Minister of Defence.

1956 - Sinai Campaign - Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

1960-1961 - Meets with Eisenhower, Churchill, Macmillin, Adenauer, De Gaulle, Kennedy and Diefenbaker.

1963 - Ben-Gurion resigns from the Government for the last time.

1968 - Paula Ben-Gurion dies.

1971 - Retires from the Knesset.

1973 - Ben-Gurion dies, December 1.